Marea Alta


Barcelona, Spain

Marea Alta

The reason for presenting Marea Alta, a new Sky Restaurant in Barcelona, comes from our particular vision of excellence in fish processing. The result is also based on the inspiration collected in different areas of Spain. We have moved to the main capitals recognized for their culinary vocation of fish to adapt their gastronomic techniques and traditions to our way of conceiving cuisine, obtaining a very interesting diversity of proposals: grilled fish from the North, the sea and mountains of Catalonia, Menorcan stews, Southern frying, Galician seafood and many others.

We source from the main Spanish fish ports and we have expert collaborators who are in charge of looking for the best pieces in their place of origin: the turbot of Guetaria, the hake and the red pigeon from the Port of Cudillero in Asturias, the seafood and the crustaceans from the Galician fish market in Vigo and La Coruña, the red prawn from Palamós, the Cabracho from Cap Roig, the blond and the Espardeñas from the Catalan coast, the oysters from the Ebro Delta, the tuna from the Almadraba of Cádiz, lobster and Norway lobster Menorcan real and the others, under the same criteria.

Our goal is to ensure that the pieces that come to us every day from the different fish markets can achieve excellence in taste through the different existing cooking techniques: grilled, grilled, boiled, at low temperature, fried, in papillote …

The result is Marea Alta, a new smoked and grilled fish restaurant that aims to merge all the richness and diversity of its coasts into a single gastronomic space with the best panoramic views of Barcelona.