Mayura Restaurant


Barcelona, Spain

Dual Link client El Kiosko de Ferraz

Mayura Restaurant

Mayura is an Indian restaurant located on Girona street in Barcelona that is made to enjoy … a special place. From the beginning, the intention has been to offer the best of India, so that the ancient heritage of this wonderful culture could be within everyone’s reach. So, what is a better way to do it than through gastronomy? The typical Indian food is rich not only in history but in flavors, aromas and colors.

All that vibrant mix of Indian culture is perfectly reflected in its cuisine, therefore setting up a Hindu-style restaurant was the best option to bring these roots closer to a city that has welcomed us from the beginning.

We strive to design an exclusive environment, where the balance of natural elements can be felt, full of tradition, magic and luxury, always looking for those who visit Mayura to live an unforgettable experience.

Mayura is an Indian food restaurant where you will not only feel an explosion of flavors and colors on the palate, but all the senses will be attentive to the thousands of details that make all this an oasis in the middle of the city, a unique oasis and mystic of India in Barcelona.

We know that our strength is the cuisine, fresh, traditional and authentic, but without a doubt, the key to our success, operating at full capacity since 2006, has been what we offer our clients: a trip to the center of India, where the charm and mystery come together in the most exotic dishes.

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