Suzy Wong


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dual Link client El Kiosko de Ferraz

Suzy Wong

Are you thirsty for great soft drinks? Are you hungry for tasty bites? Suzy Wong, this glamorous and sultry cocktail lounge will take your breath away in a world of modern American, Oriental and French classic elements as you sip the most unique cocktails rocked by your personal cocktail shakers.

The interior of Suzy Wong is designed by Eric Kuster of interior in Laren, The Netherlands. Eric Kuster is a well-known interior designer who decorates public and private settings around the world. In Amsterdam he is a stylist for Arc, Club IT, Jimmy Woo and PC Café. The elegant and sensual surroundings evoke the erotic glamor of the Moulin Rouge. Modern American colonial, oriental and French colonial elements combine to form a unique and sensual mix of styles. Suzy Wong’s cinematic atmosphere, similar to a nightclub, is highlighted by the use of unique French damask, by the bamboo plant display, and by the rubber bar. Exotic accents flow from ancient Chinese lamps and gold braided leather. The mirrored ceiling and Patricia Steur’s photographs create an intimate and slightly provocative setting.

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