Torre de Reixes


Alicante, Spain

Dual Link client El Kiosko de Ferraz

Torre de Reixes

Torre de Reixes embodies the architecture and surroundings of the noble houses of the old orchard in Alicante. This emblematic space has survived, preserving its structure and noble construction, the great landscape and architectural changes of the 20th century. Its original work is much earlier, back when the Alicante garden was fortified to defend itself against attacks by Berber pirates. Centuries later, the towers were preserved as a sign of prestige in the landscape. The Torre de Reixes Restaurant was born from the combination of the traditional Mediterranean diet with the distinctive touches of the most avant-garde cuisine. Added to the excellent gastronomic quality of the restaurant is the added value of the incomparable setting in which it is located, a noble house from the old Alicante orchard.

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